About Iowa Steel Masters

Matt Roelfs

Matt Roelfs is the owner and General Manager of Iowa Steel Masters.  He was born and raised on a farm near Ackley, Iowa helping with the hogs and the harvest.  He graduated from Central College, worked in quality control at Vermeer Manufacturing, and sales at Iowa Veterinary Supply Co.  Matt then began Advanced Greenscapes, a commercial landscaping company specializing in designing and installing vegetative environmental buffers around livestock facilities.  More recently, Matt has owned and operated a steel roofing business, installing more than 100 steel roofs on houses, barns, and businesses.

Mark Livingood

Mark Livingood is the Operations Manager at Iowa Steel Masters LLC, responsible for production, supply chain, inventory management, and shares daily operations with owner Matt Roelfs. Mark received his BS degree from Mankato State University in 1998. Prior to graduating from High School he enlisted into the U.S. Army Reserve. Shortly after college he made the U.S. Army Reserve a full time job as a Federal employee. He deployed once to Iraq focusing on logistics and transportation, and again to Afghanistan acting as base operations support for Kandahar Airbase. After a 13 year career in the Federal Civil Service, and 21 years in the military, he retired in 2012. Following retirement he went to work for one of the premiere 3-D Archery Target manufacturers in the country, Delta Sports Products, LLC. He focused on Supply Chain and inventory management while at Delta. Mark resides in central Iowa with his wife and two children.