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We have the right type and profile of steel for every job! Whether you’re looking for residential steel roofing or specially made agricultural steel panels, we’ll help cover everything you care about.

The steel market is very exciting because more consumers understand the value of steel roofing every day. For the contractor and lumberyard it can be more difficult, because the stock trims available from large suppliers are often too bulky or non-existent for houses and smaller commercial projects.

Iowa Steel Masters can supply the panels for the roof and easily fold almost any custom trim you need at a great price. Don’t let the residential and agricultural steel roofing markets pass you by! Partner with Iowa Steel Masters and set yourself apart as the supplier that has what the contractor needs.

This product is available in an assortment of colors and can be cut to any length. Ask us how we can customize your building!


12” O.C. | Common gauge | Available substrates

  • Minimum pitch recommended 1:12
  • 36″ coverage with 1 1/4″ rib height
  • High performance Valspar paint systems in all standard colors
  • Custom cut lengths


9” O.C.

  • Minimum pitch recommended 2 1/2:12
  • 36″ coverage with 3/4″ rib height
  • Custom cut to lengths up to 50′
  • Anti-Siphon sidelap design
  • Excellent wind uplift and snow load ratings